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Timothy (Age 2 years old)

In Koffietyd on September 19, 2011 at 00:21

Timothy’s Story

 Little Timothy  became very ill when he was a month old, he was eventually diagnosed with leukemia. Little Timothy fought a tough battle and eventually he had a bone marrow transplant. It was recently established that he has relapsed, the doctor says that another bone marrow transplant is too risky. Tim’s family is taking things one day at a time.

 Prayer for Timothy

Lord there are times when we do not understand Your plans for us and for our children. There are times when we struggle through the challenges on our journey and there are times when we feel like sitting down next to the road so we can sob and feel sorry for ourselves.

Lord when I see little Timothy’s photo, I feel like just giving up… how did You choose which babies to allow to get ill, and which ones not?

Lord so often we try and fix things ourselves and then we get upset when they don’t work out. Lord in Timothy’s case Lord we can only trust You to show the way froward. Lord we ask You this evening to plot little Tim’s coarse in such a way that You do what is best for all involved.

Lord in this time of uncertainty, please envelope this family with Your tender love, care and Your peace that transends all.

We pray tis in the Name of our Lord JEsus, our Prince of Peace.



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