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Oefentso (Age 12 years old)

In Koffietyd on September 18, 2011 at 23:26

Oefentso’s Story
He suffers from a genetic disorder which has caused his legs not to develop properly. He went to see an orthopaedic surgeon early in March 2011. The doctor has put him on supplements, when he goes back they will decide whether they can operate. At the moment operation is not an option as his legs will just go back to their original state.
We are waiting to hear from the doctor so that we know what our next step is.

Ofentso is ready to have the much needed operation! We need to raise R80 000 for this operation.

Prayer for Oefentso
Lord, in Mathew and in Luke when You healed one of the yopung men the crowds asked you whose fault the young man’s illness was, and You answered that it was no-one’s fault, but that it was rather the case so that Your Power could be demonstrated in his life.

Lord from that perspective want to ask You to free Oefentso from all the lies and superstitions that have been spoken over him and that have been atached to his condition. Lord free His spirit from the constraints of these lies and burn them away so that just his upright, pure spirit with which You created him, remains.

Lord I please with You, reach down, touch HIm, grant his the gift of Healing and heal this idsease. Let this miracle demonstrate Your power to all who know Oefentso and all who know about him.

LOrd use him and his story and the healing you want to bring forth in him to impact the lives of the community where he lives so they too can turn to You.

Lord grant us faith to believe in this miracle, and grant us Your gift of healing for this situation.

We thannk You Lord for faithfully answering our prayers.

We pray this in the name of Jesus.


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