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Prayer for Reef (Aged 3)

In Koffietyd on September 18, 2011 at 23:58

Reef’s Story

Reef was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was 5 months old. He underwent a bone marrow transplant shortly before his first birthday. He is now in remission but he suffers from Graft vs Host disease (a severe skin disorder caused by the bone marrow transplant). Reef was very ill in the beginning of February. For a while it was touch and go for this brave little fighter. But Reef showed everyone has tough and determined he is! He was discharged from hospital after being there for a few weeks, he was sent home with oxygen.. But thanks to his awesome parents he is now off the oxygen!! Reef’s mommy has been taking him for rehab and he has now started walking. Reef’s bones have been weakened by the chemotherapy, this has resulted in him breaking his wrist and his shoulder and collar bone while he was trying to walk.

On Thursday (19 May 2011) Reef underwent surgery where all of his teeth were removed, this is because his teeth had all calcified as a result of the chemotherapy. He developed a severe infection after the operation and he became very dehydrated. He was rushed to hospital on Monday 24 May. The doctors in South Africa feel that they cannot do anything else for Reef. His parents then started doing research and they found doctors in Chicago and Los Angelos who will be able to give Reef a much better quality of life.

Reef visited the USA in September and returned on 16 September, just in time to celebrate his 3rd birthday with his family. The doctors in the USA will be able to help Reef, but he needs to received tratment as an in-patient for one week and as an out-patient for 12 months. Reef needs to leave for the USA at the latest on 1 November, and we will need atleast R300 000 for this trip.

Prayer for Reef
Lord what a little warrior spirit You have put inside our little Reef… through his pain and suffering You have drawn so many of us onto our knees and closer to Your chest. Through the victories and and the joyfull moments of especially Reef’s first trip to the USA You inspired us to break loose and dance, You gave us hope, You are teaching us that You make the impossible possible… You remind us that Your master plan is bigger than our own limited dreams.

Lord once again I am remined that You ask us to be greatful in any and all cicumstances. And with Reef sharing his birthday with a child of my own, I battle to imagine how we can thank you for this rocky road that Reef and his family have traveled.

At the same time I want to thank you as strange as it might sound, that the doctors in South Africa could no longer help Reef, but that the doctors in the USA could… this way You used what we see as on obsticle as an opportunity to spoil Reef and his family, you treated them and gave them the opportunity to experience things they never imagined they ever would when Reef first was dagnosed.

And it is with this joy that we bow faithfully and in anticipation before Your throne, asking that You would help us to raise the needed funds for Reef to go back to the USA. There are so many fundraising efforts and Lord we ask You to prevent any individual from using this opportunity to enrich themselves, we ask of You to bless each and every fundraiser and fundraising effort with unmatched favour, and may YOU and ONLY YOU be glorified through our efforts, guided by Your hand, executed through Your power.

We ask this in the name of Jesus.



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