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Prayer for – Deane (Age 3 years old)

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Deane’s Story

She was diagnosed with leukaemia when she was 19 months old. Deane underwent a bone-marrow transplant on the 9th of November 2010. She has continuously amazed us with her strength and determination!!!

We recently received the absolutely amazing news that she is 100% in REMISSION!!
Although with the bone marrow transplant there come various side effects, one being graft vs host disease. This is when the body accepts the new bone marrow but at the side time it sees the bone marrow as a foreign object and tries to reject it. The graft vs host disease affects various organs (skin, lungs, kidneys and stomach). Deane’s skin and stomach has been affected.

Prayer for Deane
Holy Father, Lord we thank you for Your grace Lord. You reached Your healing hand out towards Deane and allowed her Cancer to go into remission. Lord may your Name be glorified for this gift of healing, may only Your praises be sung for this act or mercy.

Lord in Your word You remind us constantly that You are faithful. Lord your ask us to cast our fear upon You and to rejoice no matter our circumstances.

Lord while we do pray tha you will touch little Deane’s body once again and relieve her from the side effects of the cancer treatment, we want to thank you for the blessings that were hidden among the feelings of fear and rage and heartache that she and her family have experienced during her illness and now during her remission.

Lord thank you that harships empty out our souls and spirits to the point where there is enough space for Your spirit and Your love and Your peace to fill us.

Thank you that situatons such as these strip us bare so that we can bear fruts like well pruned trees.

Lord thank you that hardships teach us that we need not be in control of our circumstance, because You are in control and thank you that hardships teach us to trust in You.



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