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A Little Help Please!

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My Dearest Friends

As many of you might have seen on all my status updates, our son – Keenan (11) has been chosen for the South African Taekwondo Team. They are scheduled to participate in England in September.

Details of the world championship can be found on (our hosts.)

Some of you might be aware of the difficulties Keenan has faced in his life and he has worked really hard to get past them. This world championship is the ideal opportunity for him to do what he has always dreamt about!

Keenan was the gold medalist at the South African Open 4 years ago, and the silver medalist for the past three years.

This is also an amazing reward for all the hours he spends training and conditioning his body. His commitment over the last two weeks has increased so much. He now trains an additional hour a day, on his own accord… without any one having to motivate him.

The motivation has also spilt over into his school work and his latest exam result (Maths) improved form 62% last term to an amazing 85,5% this term.

The only problem is that Keenan needs R15 900 excl his visa and his spending money in order to go onto the tour. This fee includes his airfare, accomodation, championship entry fee and breakfast.

TISA (Taekwondo International South Africa) has negotiated with and they have agreed to donate a portion of the sales on this website towards the touring fee.

This online shop sells Herbalife products, study aids and a self motivation course. Allof these are of amazing quality, and area also trusted baranded products.

You need not spend a fortune on the site, just a small amount and you are already contributing towards the dream of a young man who deserves this amazing blessing.

There are also other sponsorship opporunities and should you be albe to give me the contact details of anyone who can help us arrange sponsorships, please send them through. I will greatly appreciate it.

My aim is not just to make Keenan’s dream come true, but also to make the dream of 19 other children come true. Some of our other students are from an orphanage in the Freestate. By donting or making a purchase you will be improving their chances of going as well.

Any donations that are left over after the tour has been paid, will be used to upgrade our Rayton Taekwondo club. In this manner we will be able to uplift our community again – especially the children from a nearby orphanage too.

Visit the Taekwondo Team’s Page on:

We are looking to create a page for Keenan too, just so you can get to know this young man whom you are sponsoring. We will soend you that link shortly.

We trust that you will find it in your heart to make a small contribution, or in the very least pass this message on to someone who can.

Many thanks. May God bless your generosity.
Kind Regards
Liza Pretorius
076 296 3669


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